Dakota Spotlight is a collection of true stories from the upper midwestern United States.




We love audio podcasting.  This format is uniquely suited for telling the stories that we are most passionate about.


Engaging and Inspiring

We are passionate about our craft and dedicated to telling stories which are engaging and exciting, inspiring and entertaining.


Showcasing the Upper Midwest

Dakota Spotlight showcases the unique places, people and events which define life in the upper midwestern United States.

Asking Questions, Finding Answers

We are dedicated to our stories:  We ask questions and seek answers, we search and research, discover and uncover.


Join us?

We are always interested in exploring collaborations with other storytellers.    If you are passionate about telling stories in the Upper Midwest shoot us an email!

Contact Information:

email:  dakotaspotlight@gmail.com


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If you like what you are hearing on Dakota Spotlight and feel like helping out,  you can buy me a Kofi. I love coffee!


Dakota Spotlight is operated by Everything Midwestern LLC of North Dakota.