• What do you use voice actors for?
    • ALL INTERVIEWS ARE REAL!  Voice actors are ONLY used to narrate documents such as police reports, letters to the editor, letters etc.  All interviews conducted are with the true individuals.
  • Can I send you a check instead of donating with a card?
    • Thank You!  James Wolner PO BOX 4 HEBRON, ND 58638
  • Do you have a Season Three planned?
    • I have several ideas but nothing decided for sure.  I may do one or two ‘one episode’ stories first.
    • One possible Season Three story is Missing Persons Kristin Joy Diede and Robert Anderson.  See more at my website for that kristinjoydiede.com
  • Can I suggest story Ideas?
    • Certainly.  Missing person cases are especially of interest.  Use the contact form here.
  • How do you pay for this?  Who is supporting you?  Who is behind this?
    • Nobody is ‘behind’ this other than myself.  I have a day career and with help from supporters/patrons I can hopefully continue doing this.   If you would like to help support Dakota Spotlight you can donate here.  Support Page
  • Why no annoying ads on this website?
    • You deserve better than that, and so does the memory of Wade and Ellen Zick.  Advertisements on websites are, in my opinion, ruining the web experience.  Instead of subjecting you to constant ads, I ask those of you who feel this podcast has added value to your day or week to please consider supporting the project.
  • I want to create a podcast, will you help me understand how to start?
    • Sure, get in touch.
  • Would you consider speaking at my event?
    • Quite possibly.
  • Are you for hire, we need help with our story-telling.
  • I heard there might be a meet and greet/event after Season 2?
  • You do this all by yourself, are you crazy?
    • Nope, not crazy.  Just an INFJ trying to get by.

Thank you so much for listening!


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