• What do you use voice actors for?
    • ALL INTERVIEWS ARE REAL!  Voice actors are ONLY used to narrate documents such as police reports, letters to the editor, letters etc.  All interviews conducted are with the true individuals.
  • Can I suggest story ideas?
    • Certainly.  Missing person cases are especially of interest.  Use the contact form here.
  • How do you pay for this?  Who is supporting you?  Who is behind this?
    • I produced Season 1 and Season 2 by myself on my free time.   In April of 2020, I joined forces with Forum Communications Company based out of Fargo.
  • Why no annoying ads on this website?
    • You deserve better than that, and so does the memory of Wade and Ellen Zick. (Season 2)
  • I want to create a podcast, will you help me understand how to start?
    • Sure, get in touch.
  • Would you consider speaking at my event?
    • Quite possibly.
  • I heard there might be a meet and greet/event after Season 2?
    • There was and it was great fun. See the Events page   Covid has obviously put meet and greets on hold.
  • You do this all by yourself, are you crazy?
    • I did but I wasn’t crazy.  Just an INFJ trying to get by.

Thank you so much for listening!


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