Perk – Tibor Brothers CD

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Help support Dakota Spotlight and get a perk – a music CD  (valued at $18) by North Dakota musicians The Tibor Brothers from right here in Morton County.

You can hear Francis and Harvey Tibor in episode four of this podcast as they tell us about other odd occurrences and crimes that have taken place in this part of North Dakota.  Listen to sample below.

For your very generous gift of $34.99, which will help me to keep this project afloat, I will personally go visit Harvey Tibor of the Tibor Brothers and pick out a CD just for you and then I will mail it to your address.  Free shipping within USA!

Listen to this 60 second sample from Episode 4.


Please note – this is not a store nor a “purchase” on your part but rather a perk as way of saying thank you for supporting my project.  I am not able to promise you a specific CD title.  The Tibor brothers are no longer producing CD’s and I will simply pick out something based on what they have available.  I can promise you however that you will enjoy their tunes.

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