Hello Everyone,

This is just a very quick message to listeners to make a correction, or at the very least offer an apology and explanation for something that was brought to my attention regarding Season One, The story of Victor Newberry.

I received some criticism which I think is well founded, now that I’ve gone back and listened, and understand how a particular segment was received. I really botched something, and I want to explain.

In episode three, You’re a dead man, I described the area where Victor Newberry lived, Glen Ullin North Dakota and while doing so I brought up the North Dakota Access Pipeline demonstrations which took place in this area.

It was at this point that my story-telling style obviously failed us all. If I was to bring up this topic at all, I could have, and should have, given it the attention it deserves.

My intent was to give listeners, especially those from other areas of the country, or the world, an inside look into how and why so many locals here in North Dakota were so opposed to the protests.

Unfortunately the segment comes off as if I am justifying those opinions or claiming that those reasons were fully acceptable and understandable. I don’t.

In fact, I myself was for the most part in support of the protesters to a very large degree and I was stunned when I found myself feeling very much alone on that stance here in rural North Dakota.

And so I asked people here, why they were so opposed. A good 80% of reasons I was offered were for me poor reasons, rooted in fear and other unfortunate things.

The only reasons offered to me that made any sense at all were those that I brought up in episode three, namely that people felt the financial costs for the state was high and that their friends and fathers and others who worked in law enforcement were overworked for months.

Those reasons at least made sense, that is they contained some logic at least and I wanted to forward those reasons on to listeners–but they in no way fully justify an outright dismissal of the protesters cause. No way.

I expected some listeners to be surprised and perhaps upset about the reasons why many North Dakotans were opposed to the protests, but I wasn’t expecting listeners to be angry at me for telling them about it.

But, as I said, I realize now, I botched that segment big time. It didn’t at all come across like I had hoped.

I apologize for that poorly produced segment. My kingdom for an editor.

I’m working on Season 2 now and I will certainly make mistakes on that one as well.

Until then, thanks for listening and I’ll talk to you again soon.

I’ll leave you with a sneak peak at a scene from Season Two.

Check out the Dakota Spotlight YouTube Channel.  I recently created a 1976 playlist to get us all in the mood for Season 2.



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