Dakota Spotlight Podcast – Season 1

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Dakota Spotlight Season One – Victor Newberry

Victor Newberry

One man’s personal quest to explain another man’s perplexing death.

What happened to Victor Newberry of Glen Ullin, North Dakota found dead next to his running vehicle on December 27th, 2014 ?


Episode One “Everybody Knows”

Episode Two “Forensic Garbage”

Episode Three “You’re a Dead Man”

Episode Four “Better Left Alone”

Episode Five “Boys” and “Girls”

Episode Six “Just Not Right”

Episode Seven LEFT FOR DEAD

Episode Eight Blue Christmas

Episode Nine B.L.O.O.D

Episode Ten  A Bar Named Heaven


Episode 11 – update -Victor’s file

Episode 12 – Victor Newberry

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Season One Photos and Documents  (for Zeeland / Zick photos go to season 2 Patron Page )

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