Season 4 – Chasing Billy

On a Sunday afternoon, late in the summer of 1978, a gruesome discovery was made outside of Fargo, North Dakota. A young man was canoeing in the Red River when he came across two plastic garbage bags. Inside each was half of a human body. It had been severed in two. The body was identified as 21 year old William Wolf Jr., known by his friends as Billy. He was from the area and had attended high school in nearby West Fargo. To this day, Billy Wolf’s murder has remained unsolved–no convictions have taken place. 

Dakota Spotlight Podcast and Forum Communications believe that four decades is long enough; it’s time for this case to be solved and for the person or persons who carried it out to be held accountable. It’s time to find out what really happened to Billy. It’s not only time to solve it, we believe it’s possible to solve it.  Season 4 is an ongoing podcast, an investigation playing out in real-time, week-to-week. I invite you to follow along and implore you to help us to bring justice to Billy’s family and friends.