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Listen to my interview with Julia Kent, Jan. 2021

You cannot listen to season one of this podcast without taking notice of the amazing music – graciously provided by Julia Kent.

For me Julia’s work represents exactly that which art should always strive to be, an attempt to somehow channel, showcase and translate the full spectrum of experiences and emotions that we – all of us – have been given the opportunity to embrace and endure since the day we were born.

I don’t know Julia personally, but after months of editing this podcast, I do know her music, and the word that comes to mind, for me, is genuine.  Julia is no follower and she walks – very contently I’m sure – to the beat of her own Cello.

Julia KentWhile listening to her music I have even adopted an odd daydream of running into Julia for a type of chance encounter in a Cafe.  Based on what I’ve gathered from Julia’s music (and the titles of her songs) this Cafe could be just about anywhere in the world. In this daydream – in Berlin or Madrid or Tokyo perhaps – Julia and I sit at small table and drink our coffee and don’t have really much of anything to say to each other.  In fact, it’s perfect. What is there to say really? We are just two mutual souls, content and grateful to have had the opportunity to sometimes embrace – and to sometimes endure – the full spectrum of the experience of being human.

To Julia I want to say:

Thank you so much Julia.  The truth is, I don’t think I would have been able to create this podcast without your contribution.  Your music has been a consistent reminder for me along this journey – a sometimes steady and sometimes erratic pulse –  reminding and reassuring me that this story needs to be told and should be told. And I’m confident that listeners will agree, when I say that this story would not have been the same without your music.

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