S1 – the Birth of Dakota Spotlight

Dakota Spotlight was born when James Wolner was enjoying a beer in a dark bar in rural North Dakota. A local told James about the peculiar death of Victor Newberry who was found dead lying next to his running vehicle on an early morning in December of 2014. Victor was a bartender in the local town, Glen Ullin, North Dakota. 

The story was that Victor had been tending bar that night when he suddenly asked another person to watch the bar for him, stating he’d be gone for a few minutes. It was a cold night and yet Victor did not take his jacket with him. He also left his cell phone at the bar. He never returned to the bar and was found deceased the next morning about a mile outside of town, just off of a gravel road. 

The police (and medical examiner) concluded that no foul play was involved in Victor’s death. But the talk around town was that Victor had been killed. In fact, James was told that everyone in town “knew” that Victor was murdered by members of the Boston mafia.

Victor Newberry

James considered this story to be ludicrous and decided to get to the bottom of what really happened to Victor Newberry. Initially his goal was to simply debunk the local chatter and demonstrate to others that it is possible to sift through the chatter and get to the truth. Certainly it was absurd to believe that, the “Boston Mob” was behind a murder in North Dakota. To James’ surprise, things started getting very interesting, very quickly. 


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