A Barstool Beginning

A barstool story in 2018 about a suspicious death in western North Dakota was the catalyst for Dakota Spotlight. James Wolner set out to uncover what actually happened to Victor Newberry. Nine full seasons are ready to be binged . With Click Content Studios of Fargo, James co-produced the Emmy award-winning documentary The House on Sweet and Seventh a film version of season three.

In January of 2024, after a time working with Forum Communications Co. of Fargo, James embarked on a new phase of Dakota Spotlight returning to producing the show 100% independently. In the works for 2024 are a new podcast network The PorchLight Podcast Network, new podcast shows and the launch of the patron program Spotlight PLUS powered by the industry-leading Supporting Cast patron platform.

James was born in northern California’s wine county and graduated from California State University at Fresno. He moved to Sweden in 1990 where he stayed until 2012. In 2013, after a stint Colorado, he became a resident of North Dakota. Before focusing on podcast production full time he worked as a photographer and web & database developer.


What is PorchLight or The PorchLight Podcast Network?

It’s a podcast network that James is starting up (January 2024). Dakota Spotlight will be just one show in the PorchLight Podcast Network. More shows are coming. ( info@porchlightpodcast.network )

What is Supporting Cast?

Supporting Cast is our industry-leading trusted partner, experts in subscription models like PLUS. They are trusted by NPR, American Public Radio and many others. They handle the PLUS technology, handle secure payment and their support team is here to answer any questions you have about your ad-free feed, setting it up on your phone, your account etc.