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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supporting Cast?

Supporting Cast is our industry-leading trusted partner, experts in subscription models like PLUS. They are trusted by NPR, American Public Radio and many others. They handle the PLUS technology, handle secure payment and their support team is here to answer any questions you have about your ad-free feed, setting it up on your phone, your account etc.

What is PorchLight or The PorchLight Podcast Network?

It’s a podcast network that James is starting up (January 2024). Dakota Spotlight will be just one show in the PorchLight Podcast Network. More shows are coming.

When I’m billed for PLUS what will it say on my bank statement?

While this depends slightly on what bank you use, your statement will reference “Porchlight” or “Six Horse Media”

I’m a PLUS subscriber but how can I contribute a little more.

Thank you for your support. You can contribute any amount on PayPal here. Other ways to help the show can be found here.