ZEELAND rebroadcast (2024)

About the 2024 rebroadcast & audio book

Video of David and Sebastian Feist arriving at County Jail

Wade and Ellen Zick of Zeeland, North Dakota were murdered on July 11, 1976. Three local young men were behind the killings. With exclusive interviews with family and friends of the victims and words from the perpetrators themselves, this season walks listeners through the initial minute-by-minute events and then zooms out to a 45-years-later high level analysis. Meet community members, family members, law enforcement and others with this incredible story.

James has re-interviewed several persons from this season and added updates and bonus episodes. To get access to photos and videos become Spotlight PLUS Premium or Ultimate subscriber. You’ll listen without the ads and get access to exclusive bonus episodes.

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This story is also being offered for purchase in the style of an audiobook with all 31 chapters in one audio file and no commercials or podcast intro interruptions. There are two ways to purchase the audio book: either as a one time purchase or by becoming a top-level Spotlight PLUS Ultimate subscriber. You can also buy it as a gift for a friend. You can listen to the original broadcast below for free.